Practice Self-help

The new

Free Yourself From Bad Thoughts!

This is how it works:
Find all threads in this book that burden your life at the moment.

Some terms are available up to 28 times. Find them all and cross them out.

Cut them carefully so that other valuable topics remain in the book and the pages do not fall apart. After all, the good sides of your life should not disappear by removing the bad.

You will find many other topics in the search for words that are worth thinking about.

Decide if they are worth it to stay in the book or not.

It becomes a loose book, freed from your worries and bad influences. A companion, but with good sides, which you should open again and again, if you are again influenced by bad thoughts.

The self-help method by York P. Herpers is based on the „Dereflection“ logotherapy by psychiatrist and neurologist Victor E. Frankl (1905 - 1997).  

224 pages.

Free Yourself Out Of The Labyrinth Of Your Thoughts!

This is how it works:
Find out all the topics in this book that are currently dealing with you.
Mark it on the left side and describe your view on the right side.
Some terms are available up to 28 times, so you may want to combine them with other topics as well.
Write down all the positive and negative aspects.
This book will organize your world of thought and give you a clearer view of your way of thinking.
Some topics will come into your consciousness for the first time.
You are revealed causes, interactions and solutions.
Much success!

The self-help method by York P. Herpers is based on the method „free association“. This form of writing therapy was introduced to depth psychology by the scientists Freud, Jung and Alfred Adler.
224 pages.

Solve Your Problems With System!

The systematics of this activity book will assist you in solving your problems.
That is how it goes:
Follow the suggestions page by page.
It starts with the description of your problem. In the following, you formulate your problem into a short question.
Describe the words of your question individually and notice your feelings about them.
In the next step, your most important caregivers are imaginarily involved in the solution process.
Try to concentrate on the most important problem components.
The method will give you new perspectives on your problem and offer solutions.
Much success!

The modern self-help method of York P. Herpers combines elements of the „free association“ applied in depth psychology with the creativity method „synectics“.

224 pages.